Photo Gallery
All suited up for spraying with the prep work complete.

Multiple coats will be easy.

Here baseboards, casing stock, and moldings are...

Primed and finish painted prior to installation

All custom wood work was made on site

The end result up close

Cut, fit, and install

Meticulous edge painting not required with this technique

With everything moved out and the room cleaned...

its time to paint
the floor

A painting pad does not leave the "orange peel" roller texture

Leslie cuts around the door trim. All thats left are the baseboard radiator covers

Lots of framing was required

to get these flat walls

The vent lets the attic heat escape

160 year old original "ship" stairs

A look from the cupola floor

This could have been all plaster hard-corners

The door on the right leads to the attic

a closer look

A view from one of the bedrooms

Leslie hiding her paint brush

The beamed ceiling was my creation

Ready for a nap

Pigeons are in the flues
A long way up

Installing wire screening

Frank at the top

Hello down there

Flue ash in the bag

Nice yard

One of two corner hutches in the dinning room

built by the owners father

I could reproduce them

If someone so desired


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